I was just wondering if you know roughly when tickets for the race will go on sale, and the best time to jump in and book them. Do people tend to stay in one place or move around in the day? The keenest of the F1 fans know exactly where to go and it will be difficult to beat them to the prime spots!! Luffield and Woodcote are often some of the most underestimated seats on the track. Farm Curve Grandstand. (Child Under 16). As above, no glass bottles are allowed. Hi Mark, Have you had a look at our Where to Sit Guide? Weve managed to get hold of GA tickets (last night) for Friday & Saturday. There are two GA Plus areas at Copse Corner, and two at Luffield Corner. Silverstone. Stowe A and Stowe B ticket holders get to see the cars drive the length of the Hanger straight, negotiate Stowe and then drop down the hill of Vale and onto club, Abbey has now earned the title of turn 1 thanks to the introduction of the new circuit layout and location of the pits and paddock for 2011. Apologies for the delay in replying! Luffield will require the least amount of walking from this entrance and is a covered grandstand with a view of the Luffield complex and a TV screen. Stacy. This is a huge open area of grass that gives you views of the exit of Stowe and the whole of Vale, Club and the run on to the Hamilton Straight. many thanks. Take an fm radio so you can tune into silverstone radio for the 5 Live coverage (helps you understand what's going on). Also is it possible to stand on General admin ticket at Club? Club was re-profiled for the 2010 race. Enjoy your weekend and happy birthday! The newly remained Hamilton Straight makes up the start/finish line. Thank you in advance! Thank you X. Hi Charlotte, Both are good spots. Viewing takes place from a wide range of flat and banked areas surrounding the entire circuit, so you can choose your preferred spot or mix things up by changing your position throughout the weekend. General Admission tickets at Silverstone are the cheapest way to get access to the Formula One British Grand Prix. If you want to get a great spot close to the edge of the circuit, you will 100% need to be in the queue to enter the circuit before the gates open. You are going to get some serious speed through that section! Presumably you can take food and drink into the place (given I have heard the catering options are awful)? If you were just buying a Sunday general admission ticket where would you suggest you sit? My personal favourite is watching the cars sweep through Maggots. I know you get roving Grandstand tickets Fri & Sat, but am thinking it would be good to have specific booked tickets for the Sunday race. Bring a cool box as well again the 20 litre limit applies to this. tins or plastic bottles of drinks (even alcohol) but no glass. Hi Yes shouldnt be a problem looking at Silverstone FAQs but dont take any glass bottles. Kindest Regards Jon. General Admission section row seat Hackey Silverstone Circuit 2013 British Grand Prix turn: Abbey General Admission section row seat Hackey Silverstone Circuit 2013 British Grand Prix turn: Finish Line Very busy, not recommended. This is the email I got, are these any good for a Rossi Fan???? When i have rung the office they reccomended vale or luffield, but i would like to also get advise from people who are regulars to this event & track & be prepared. What are the main differences of these areas & is it worth paying just that little bit extra for these areas, especially with the action on the Sun? Hi, Customers who have already bought their tickets are already entered! This will be our first time attending F1 but a celebration of birthday and wedding anniversary. This is also my 1st time and i have GA tickets for sat and sun too. Thank you, James for the information. If you want to maximise your chances of seeing overtaking I'd suggest you try the area between Stowe and Vale (also good access to the track for the podium ceremony if you wanted to do that) - the cars look amazing going through Becketts but you won't see much, if any, close racing, and Hangar straight is.well, fairly self-explanatory. Next up well combineThe View, Farm Curve and Villiage. How. Check out our Where to Sit Guide for more information. Its also the end of one DRS straight, so expect plenty of overtaking. Me and 3 friends will be there to witness our first F1 race and we will be sat in the becketts grandstand which by all accounts isnt a bad place to be. Thank you for the response. Many seats at Woodcote will offer a brilliant view of the Wellington Straight (Woodcote A) and all the action taking place along there. . I have CC1 O seats. There is a dress code for Silverstone hospitality area ticket holders. As close as we'll ever get to a real-life Fast and Furious scene, the Formula One British Grand Prix racing car event takes place in the legendary Silverstone stadium. In some ways its a frustrating corner for F1 drivers as it is low speed and is all about a clean exit onto the >National Pit Straight. From the Becketts and Club Silverstone grandstand, you are able to see each F1 car for about 10 seconds as they sweep through Maggots and then into Becketts and then onto the Hanger Straight. However, the Becketts grandstand is located at the other side of the circuit to the Luffield entrance, and so would be quite a walk from the Park and Ride drop off area. 2) There are a lot of complaints regarding queues to the bathroom (both men and women). I have a budget of about 400 for entrance fees, is this my best option for this budget? Juts bought a ticket and heard it was better to get the park and ride service..oh well.just hope I aint stuck in traffic on the way out (at least not to much). Lots of threads about this already. A place where collisions often occur, and youll also have front row seats for any pit-lane exit battles. If you have a three day Grandstand ticket it included roving grandstand seat on Friday and Saturday in all grandstands* except Club Corner and Club Silverstone. Were bringing a motor home but hadnt thought much about budget. Was looking at either Farm or Vale, but open to suggestions! Will you be bringing your own camping equipment or a motor home. Seems a long way from the track. I was looking at the tickets and found band 12 :national straight but not sure if theyre any good, they got cover, but does it matter. Good day we are buying tickets to Becketts Friday-Sunday 2 adult and 1 5 years old child do we have to pay full price or can my son get child ticket for the same zone. You can see down the the straight, but its limited. The nearest thing to VIP is Club Silverstone at Becketts. These give you the same access to the general admission spectating areas, but in addition you get access to four different GA Plus viewing areas on Friday and Saturday, and then just your chosen GA Plus viewing area on the Sunday. Ill see you all there next year at the home of British Motorsport!!! More on that below. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. We will also be bringing 2 young, but well behaved children with us. Any assistance wold be greatly appreciated Gates open at 6am although Ive never been able to get out of my sleeping bag to see that! The second apex is much tighter than the first. I have photos from previous years, I can share them with you. The newly remained Hamilton Straight makes up the start/finish line. Having checked the websites, I note that the tickets vary in prices. Although the atmosphere is still fantastic in the numerous grandstands that line the circuit in this area, the buzz of looking over into an active pit lane has been lost with the circuit modifications made over the last few years. but with it being my first time at Silverstone im unsure how it all works. Lucky man indeed. For 1500 for Sunday only you have a pretty good choice to choose the tickets of your choice, only excluding VIP packages. Its about precision and definitely about bravery! I couldnt find an seating plans on the internet. Id recommend taking a look at Farm and Stowe to start with. Off the top of my head I can remember seeing a dedicated area for disabled fans towards the front of one of the Luffield stands. If you have a 3 day ticket, it makes sense to spend the first day or two walking around the circuit to sample the different viewing areas and find your favourite before race day on Sunday. Dentons > The Legal 500 Rankings Corporate and commercial > Corporate tax Tier 1 Dentons calls upon its extensive international footprint to support clients on a broad variety of Some of the most popular general admission spots are outlined below but take time to explore the circuit and find your own favourite spots. My son (14) and I are total novices to F1, but he is a total F1 nerd (his words). Portable radio with headphones so you can tune in to the 5 Live or Radio Silverstone (87.7FM) coverage of the race (PA system at the track isnt always loud or clear enough). Sorry me again. Did MotoGP in Valencia before children. See our article on Vale corner viewing for more info on the view, TV screens and spectating at this spot. I would look for either: International Pit Straight, Club Corner or Becketts (or Club Silverstone at Becketts for more facilities). Hi Simon, just about to book the other half some surprise tickets for christmas. Hi simon.I was wondering if you can help me out,my wife and I are going to our first f1 this year at Silverstone and have reserved wkend grandstand with camping.. Do you know when we are able to arrive as Ive just been reading that the campsite opens on the Wednesday but we have weekend reservation. Watching the cars from the outside, it is very noticeable. ALL TOGETHER NOW. If I'm interested in seeing some overtaking and a bit more of the cars, is there any grandstand you'd recommend? Just worried row B would be restricted view with fencing. Northamptonshire, UK - 28 Feb 2023: Silverstone is proud to announce McFly, Sugababes, ABC and The Christians will headline this year's Silverstone Festival, which takes place over the summer . Youre correct about roaming for Friday Practice and Saturday qualifying. 2 Adult 2 Children Woodcote Grandstand seats http://www.gootickets.com/EF1/en/formula-1/silverstone/ An umbrella (it's the UK after all) good for rain or sunshine. James, Or, the next option for just 20 each more we could get the option of either Copse A, B or C, or Stowe A, B or C, with Silver tickets. Thanks. Watching from Copse corner is awesome because you get to see how well the down force works on the modern Formula 1 car. Enjoy your weekend! Hi Harry. Come on Hamilton! See our article on the Silverstone dress code for detailed information on what to wear. A set of noise cancelling over-ear headphones to go over the top of the in-ear headphones from the radio helps cancel out the noise of the cars so you can hear the commentary more easily.

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