That became a springboard to pursuing medicine, as it seemed like a very natural way to continue to work with marginalized individuals and communities, so I jumped in and havent looked back since. Patients are more than their medical records, and as Family Medicine physicians, we have the remarkable privilege of learning the details spoken carefully and complexly between those lines. At the start of his undergraduate studies, he became involved in clinical research at Cottage Hospital in Interventional Cardiology, and served as a medical scribe for a vascular surgeon. When people ask where I'm from, I tell them "all over the US!" I fell in love with Family Medicine during my 3rd year medical school rotation and re-affirmed that decision through my sub-I doing rural Family Med. While interning I was able to assist in qualitative analysis, data collection and survey design. Aryana Pazargadi received her B.S. Born and raised in Southern California's high desert, Dana grew up mostly outdoors where she spent most her time tending to her chickens, climbing trees, or running on the trails. In medical school at Rutgers I spent most of my time working at our student-run free clinic which was staffed by family medicine physicians. Alexandra Laura Duisberg is a Medical Student based out of San Jose, California and her medical specialization is Student In An Organized Health Care Education/training Program.She practices in San Jose, California and has the professional credentials of MD.The NPI Number for Alexandra Laura Duisberg is 1255820635. After graduating, she went to work for a non-profit organization as a Research Assistant working with data for their outpatient services, crisis residential treatment services and substance use. Alexandra Duisberg, MD, born in Latin America, and raised between five counties as the daughter of US diplomats seeks to utilize her global view by looking beyond US borders to developingcountries to empower local healthcare providers with education and resourcesand create lasting impact. She is excited to be a part of the 2021 cohort and ready to learn. Additionally, Mason advocated for Narcan distribution and other harm reduction strategies on campus to combat the ongoing opioid crisis. In her free time, Jane enjoys learning to sew and spending time at the beach. Feel free to connect with her on LinkedIn to learn more about her journey at UC San Diego. If you've never seen a sulcus sign, hit me up for a great physical exam finding. I experienced the difficulty of navigating the American healthcare system as an immigrant: language barrier, complications around preventive/emergency services, and insurance coverage. Im thrilled to pursue my training at OConnor and continue growing alongside all the amazing people here! Her internship with the Health Education and Promotion program at the UC Davis Student Health and Wellness Center is what sparked her interest in the public health field. Alexandra Duisberg: Early Life, Education, and Family. Dania was raised in Whittier, California. Their creative ideas and enthusiasm are unmatched, from coordinating our fiercest group photos to acquiring pronoun stickers for our badges and organizing mutual aid fundraising to #StopAAPIhate. Areas of Interest: Addiction Medicine, Behavioral Health, Womens Health/OB, Pediatrics, Advocacy. During her time at NHGRI, Alex was part of the Ethical, Legal, and Social Implications (ELSI) Program. Fun Fact:I have hypermobility in several of my joints, allowing for some fun party tricks like being able to lick my elbow! Medical School: Stanford University School of Medicine, Areas of Interest: Addiction Medicine, LGBTQ+ Health, Primary Care Behavioral Health Integration, Radical Wellbeing. In her free time, Emmi enjoys hiking, going to the beach, and eating good food with friends. Caption: Alexandra Duisberg Source: Dailymail . Alexandra Duisberg, 32, is the latest reported paramour of ex-Google CEO billionaire Eric Schmidt, 64 Duisberg claims they're ready to start a family and will have five kids She reportedly. Michelles experience with GHS helped her better understand the complexities and challenges in addressing public health issues. O'Connor! Unresolved: Release in which this issue/RFE will be addressed. Presentation at The First World Congress For Middle Eastern Studies, an international conference organized by University of Mainz, Germany - 8 -13 settembre 2002. Dr. Duisberg graduated from the Perelman School of Medicine At University of Pennsylvania in 2016. She worked as a software engineer and founder in the startup industry in the Bay Area before changing to a career path in medicine. IYKYK. I learned more as I helped develop a Narcan distribution program with other students, a project that fostered my interest in addiction medicine. Marissa has had a lifelong dream of becoming an Ob/gyn, however, during her time at USD, she developed an even strong passion for womens health, specifically the advocacy of reproductive healthcare amongst marginalized communities. Rochelle Reyes (they/she) was born and raised in the Bay Area. She is interested in understanding and addressing health disparities that affect underserved communities. [GEN-OBIT] Obituary Daily Times v18no027; King Butler; Obituary Daily Times v18no027 ----- To unsubscribe from this mailing list, please send a message to <[email protected][email protected] Fun Fact: I worked on a farm in France during the summer before medical school. She previously earned a Bachelor of Arts in English and a minor in Society and Genetics from UCLA. It came as a surprise when she decided to attend the University of Oregon and purse a degree in Planning, Public Policy and Management. I grew up outside of Philadelphia and went to college in Pittsburgh, where lots of my family lives. Jenny is also a volunteer crisis counselor for the crisis text line. He graduated from UCSD in Spring of 2022 with a B.S. In the coming years, he plans to become a public health social work researcher,educator, and practitioner. While working with ELF Lab, she produced a Nevada County food guide in partnership with Edible Schoolyard, the California Alliance of Family Farms, UC ANR, and the California Farmers Market Alliance, helping develop innovative planning and land use for local communities. I worked as a clinic coordinator and health educator and also provided weekly street outreach services to our community members experiencing homelessness and marginal housing. She graduated with a B.S in Public Health with a concentration in Global Health from UC San Diego. I was born and raised in San Francisco, CA by Filipino immigrant parents. Selina has a special interest in reproductive justice and is dedicated to protecting her patient's rights and access to comprehensive reproductive health care. During her time at UC Davis, Thet explored her research interests in food accessibility and became a part of the Environment, Land, and Food Systems Lab where she identified and uncovered invisible food pathways in Nevada County, CA. Seeing the need for physicians in leadership to enact change, she retired from her regular practice to work per diem only currently with San Diego Sports Medicine while getting her MPH here. Sometimes our dog, Buster, joins us for runs, but he is less interested in cardio. Give me 24 hours, and I could bake you a mean pain au chocolat, kouign-amann, or napoleon tart from scratch. By June 21, 2022 disney springs shuttle to parks on alexandra duisberg, md June 21, 2022 disney springs shuttle to parks on alexandra duisberg, md Rachel E. Sutherland, MD Family Medicine Doctor 455 Oconnor Dr San Jose, CA 95128 (408) 283-7666 In-Office. Her work experience in the medical field confirmed that she wanted to pursue higher education in Public Health, she is passionate about health behavior specifically on womens rights. Up Next ~ The one and only Monica Gillie - you may find the pair of us exploring creeks and hiding from mountain lions in the Santa Cruz mountains while wearing matching sun hats! After graduating from college, I moved across the country to work as an AmeriCorps service member at the Women's Community Clinic, a free clinic in San Francisco. The skills I learned during that training helped me recognize the multitude of bio-psychosocial factors that affect our patients outside of our exam rooms, and taught me methods to affect change on larger, community levels. Outside of residency, I enjoy exploring San Jose, watching drag shows, drinking boba, playing music with friends, and making s'mores. Dr. Duisberg graduated from the Perelman School of Medicine At University of Pennsylvania in 2016. Andrew Kwaning is a 2nd year student with a concentration in Health Behavior. She looks forward to continuing to develop new ideas of improving the health of our world while at UCSD. Alexandra Duisberg is 32-year-old former medical student and Ex-Girlfriend of Billionaire Eric Schmidt, he is a former Google CEO.However, Eric Schmidt has split from his latest young companion, Alexandra Duisberg just weeks after she flaunted a pink sapphire ring, sparking engagement rumors. Mason Delyea was born and raised in Orange County, California. She was recruited to row at the University of San Diego, where she obtained her Bachelors of Arts in Biology with a double minor in Chemistry and Nonprofit Social Enterprise/ Philanthropy. While at UC Davis, she worked as a research coordinator for the ReCHARGE Study at the MIND Institute, which examined neurodevelopmental conditions in young children and adolescents. I've been team Family Medicine from day one and never looked back. Jacqueline was born in Acapulco, Mexico. She is currently pursuing an MPH with a concentration in Health Behaviors and Epidemiology. Medical School: Georgetown University School of Medicine, Areas of Interest: Womens Health, Reproductive Justice, Community Medicine, Medical Education. During her time at SDSU, Amalia participated in an undergraduate research fellowship that inspired her passion for research and public health. I am especially interested in epidemiology and want to prevent people from diseases by applying what I've learned. She became the first person in her family to go to college. As an undergraduate, she was a part of the universitys honors program and a research assistant. During her free time, you can find her on outdoor runs, going to hot yoga, and being around her loved ones. I especially enjoyed the month I spent in Beaudesert, Queensland, training in rural medicine and camping with wallabies. He hopes that an MPH will help him more effectively develop, implement, and evaluate public mental health programming going forward. I am excited to now call San Jose my home and continue learning how to best serve a diverse community, both locally and globally. Her work experience over the last 5 years has led her to develop interests in data and infectious disease epidemiology. Claim My FREE Profile. He has researched topics related to public health of Asian Americans and worked with neurodivergent individuals,which has led him to be interested to explore the intersection of epidemiology and public mental health. June 11, 2022 Posted by: what does dep prenotification from us treas 303 mean . In his free time, he enjoys country dancing, cycling, and watching movies. I could not be more thrilled to be pursuing my training at Stanford-O'Connor. In his spare time, Curtis is a former Team USA badminton player and is planning his return to competition soon. Her connection to her city, family and roots to her neighborhood were too strong. She endeavors to further her studies in Public Health and professionalism and to broaden her expertise in Public Health. Jonathan Berger hails originally from the heart of Steelers country in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA. of 1 Amy is also a barista and enjoys running in her free time. While I was not pre-med as an undergrad, I knew from the first day of doing this work that I wanted to become a doctor. I enjoy travelling, working out, and strolling around the city in my spare time. Sana Younus has worked in the hospital setting for the past five years and found her passion growing for technology and its transformative capabilities for public health. Susan has been a family physician in San Diego for almost 30 years. Nghi wasborn in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, and wasraised in San Diego, CA. She moved to San Francisco Bay Area in 2017 and completed her B.S. She was inspired by her colleagues at her workplace to further her education and looks forward to working with more health-related data for public health programs. I completed many of my core 3rd year clerkships in rural communities throughout Northern California, which is when my love for rural family medicine evolved. Anthony Wang, MD is a family medicine practitioner who practices family medicine and primary care medicine. My greatest passion area in health policy is aligning regulations and policies to evidence-based practice, particularly to address the needs of marginalized urban communities and those with SUD.

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